1) liege hospital 3Eight Progress Reports on the implementation of the National Roma Integration Strategies (NRIS)  and other national commitments in the field of health in Bulgaria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Italy, Romania, Slovakia, Spain. The reports allow the EU Member States to better monitor, share and strenghten their national approaches. The documents were discussed and findings further validated at 13 National Consultative Committees (NCCs) in participating countries.


Info Briefs on the progress reports done for Belgium, BulgariaCroatia, Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia, and Spain 

Report on Italy is forthcoming.



            BELGIUM                               BULGARIA                               CROATIA                       CZECH REPUBLIC                     ROMANIA                   

NRISBelgium       NRISBulgaria       NRISCroatia       NRISCzechRepublic       NRISRomania  

          SLOVAKIA                                    SPAIN

NRISSlovakia        NRISSpain



NRIS progress reports follow-up:

a) Targeted country case studies will be undertaken to follow-up on the priorities set by the National Consultative Committees in 2015 to discuss the findings of the NRIS progress reports:

  • Handbook for Health Professionals (HPs) on Culturally Sensitive Roma Health Care will be piloted and validated in the Czech Republic, and then adapted to the contexts in other partner countries and implemented in selected ones - Report
  • Follow-up pilot participatory case study on the NRIS Spain (health component) will be carried out at local level, engaging local health governance and the implementation of the NRIS Operational Plan through local polices - Report and Annex

 b) National meetings, roundtables and discussions have been organised to present the findings from the NRIS progress reports, and discuss national and EU recommendations and priorities as regards Roma health:

  • Italy: A National Roma Health Workshop, hosted by the Italian Ministry of Health (February 2015)
  • 4 National Local Consultative Committee meetings organized in Bulgaria with local authorities, representatives of health and social institutions, hospital and Regional Health Inspectorates, and health mediators to support the implementation of the NRIS health component (May-June 2016) - Report


2) Regional Intervention on "Health Mediation and the Roma" to share national experiences, training curricula and discuss successes and challenges of the intercultural health mediation programmes.

  • Four Study Visits within the framework of the Regional Intervention of "Health Mediation and the Roma", part of EQUI HEALTH project have been held and organized in partnership with the Federal Public Service Health (Belgium), National Network of Health Mediators (Bulgaria), the Association pour l' Accueil des Voyageurs (France), the National Institute for Public Health Romania, and the CESPYD Univerisity of Seville (Spain). The Study Visits included mediators and coordinators of intercultural mediation programmes, MoH, Public health institutes and CSOs from Bulgaria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Greece, Italy, Moldova, Romania, Slovakia, Spain and FYROM. 
  1. Study Visit Bulgaria, June 2014 - Report                                                                                                                                                                            Pictures available here.
  2. Study Visit Belgium and France, November 2014 - Report                                                                                                                                            Pictures available here.
  3. Study Visit Romania, July 2015 - Report                                                                                                                                                                            Pictures available here.
  4. Study Visit Spain, June 2016 - Report 

       Pictures available here.


3) EU Community Health Mediation Network is as a result of a created collaboration intended to establish means of communication between health mediators in countries of origin and countries of destination and be used as a tool for good practives sharing. The Network remains open for collaboration and participation for health mediation implementing partners from non-EU countries as well.

a) A website has been developed to serve the European Network of Community Health Mediators (ENHCM). It functions as a database for the exchange of materials and as a communication platform allowing regular exchange of information between mediators from EU Member States: http://eurohealthmediators.eu/

  • The National Network of Health mediators (NNHM Bulgaria) website will serve as a model for the Regional website. The NNHM will support the development and administration of the website.

b) Health Mediation models in the EU: to present the different health mediation models applied in project partner countries participating in the Regional Pilot Intervention on Roma Health Mediation:

  • The book contains a section with a short description of the mediation models, as well as case studies from the work of the mediators in each country - Report

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