Roma grandThe Roma Health component of the EQUI HEALTH project targets governmental and non-governmental groups, in order to promote dialogue among key stakeholders on Roma-related health issues and allow EU Member States to better monitor share and strengthen their national approaches. 


It works towards the reduction of health inequalities faced by migrants, Roma and other vulnerable ethnic minority groups. Progress country reports on national strategies for Roma health and recommendations for future European regional or structural funding will allow EU Member States to better monitor, share and strengthen their national approaches.


Actions are being undertaken according to the ten basic principles identified by EC DG SANTE-supported initiative "EU Action for the Roma", to which all new Roma inclusion policies and projects should adhere to, to ensure maximal benefits: 


1) Constructive, pragmatic and non-discriminatory policies  

2) Explicit but not exclusive targeting

3) Intercultural approach

4) Aiming for the mainstream

5) Awareness of the gender dimension

6) Transfer of evidence-based policies

7) Use of Community instruments

8) Involvement of regional and local authorities

9) Involvement of civil society

10) Active participation of the Roma.

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