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IOM MHD RO Brussels selected for an ECDC tender for a Study on infectious disease health services for refugees and asylum seekers in Europe

6 November 2015 - IOM MHD RO Brussels has been selected for the implementation of an ECDC tender for a Scoping study on infectious disease health services for refugees and asylum seekers in Europe in the context of the recent global events and the large number of refugees and asylum seekers arriving in Europe. The MHD RO proposal was highly rated in the evaluation at 90/100. “The proposal demonstrates a very high level of understanding of the background behind the project and of the project aims”, ECDC stated. MHD RO is involved in all related ECDC Expert Working Groups.

The Migration Policy Group launched E-PDF MIPEX functionmipex logo

6 November 2015 - The Migration Policy Group has officially launched an electronic tool able to generate automatically the 2015 The Migration Integration Policy Index Country Results of all covered countries in PDF files. The E-PDF function is available at: The newest tool will be in favour of the work of policy makers, researchers and experts in the field of migration and integration practices.

The new E-PDF tool includes the presentation of the specific Health Strand that has been added to MIPEX for a first time in 2015 in collaboration with IOM MHD Brussels.

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IOM MHD RO Brussels participated and contributed to a discussuion on Roma and health

2 November 2015 - IOM MHD RO Brussels participated and contributed to the discussions at the conference "Roma health and inclusion - European perspectives" Inputs and discussions on experiences from networks, practices, communities in Vienna on the 30 October 2015.

The event was jointly organized by the Austrian Roma Contact Point, Center for Health and Migration and COST Action "Adapting European health systems to diversity". The objective of the meeting was to discuss on experiences from networks and practices and to present the results of the working group "Improving Roma health policies" organised by COST Action.

IOM Launches Updated Response Plan for Mediterranean and Beyond

Switzerland, 30 October 2015  - IOM has released an update to its June 2015 response plan “Addressing Complex Migration Flows in the Mediterranean.” It includes a series of proposed interventions to be implemented through December 2016, some of which are already underway, others are still at the planning stage.

The plan presents IOM’s proposed interventions and reaffirms the collective responsibility of states, institutions and organizations to respond to the situation that the international community is facing in Europe and beyond, in a manner that is centered on the protection of migrants’ rights, as well as enhanced partnership between all concerned stakeholders.

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Workshop on bringing epidemiology to public health security policy


In view of the ESCAIDE conference set by the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) in Stockholm on 11 -12 November 2015, CHAFEA will organise in Stockholm a pre-event workshop on "Bringing epidemiology to public health security policy" on 10 November 2015.

The aim is to offer experts, project partners and other conference participants the opportunity to exchange information on their work in the field of preparedness and response and demonstrate how the outputs of the Health programme have been adopted at national/regional level.

Developments related to the implementation of the IOM EQUI HEALTH project will be presented at the conference. 

For further information and registration please visit the CHAFEA website:

Please note the whole event will be web streamed.