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IOM MHD (RO Brussels and Rome) held a National Roma Health Workshop with the Ministry of Health Italy for the launch of the National Roma Health Action Plan in Italy

10 February 2016 - IOM Rome organized with the Ministry of Health Italy, and within the framework of the Equi Health project a National Roma Health Workshop “Health Action Plan for and with the Roma communities” on the 8 February 2016 at the Ministry of Health in Rome, Italy. IOM MHD RO Brussels presented the developments related to the Roma Health sub-action, including the Roma Health reports and results, aiming at supporting national authorities in monitoring, sharing and strengthening national approaches to Roma Health.

The Health Action Plan was developed within the National Roma Integration Strategy (NRIS) and with the acknowledged within contributions from IOM’s and taking into account the IOM/Equi-Health multi-stakeholder perspective report on the implementation of the NRIS and other national commitments in the field of health. IOM offers technical capacities to support the implementation and monitoring of the Health Action Plan, in order to guarantee sustainability of action in favor of Roma health populations and to create organizational competence within public health services. Equi-Health is listed in the good practices within the Health Action Plan.

The objective of the workshop, promoted in close collaboration with the Italian Ministry of Health, the Italian National Institute for Health, Migrants and Poverty (INMP), Caritas Rome and the National Office Against racial Discrimination (UNAR), was to discuss on the national policies available for the implementation and dissemination of the Health Action Plan on the Roma community in Italy and the development of activities and inclusion policies to improve Roma health-care. Italian Regions as Lazio, Campania, Sicily, Sardinia, Piedmont, Molise, Basilicata, Apulia, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Calabria and Province of Trento also attended the workshop.

Additionally, a meeting with the Italian Ministry of Health was held to discuss on current and future collaborations on migration and health. IOM presented the recent health related activities and project developments within the two direct agreements with EC/DG SANTE, Equi-Health and the recently signed Re-HEALTH.

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