VD3 7858In line with the aims of the Europe 2020 strategy of fighting exclusion, the main objective of the migration health component is to improve access and appropriateness of health care services, health promotion and prevention for migrants. It makes a direct contribution to the implementation of the EC Communication "The European Platform against Poverty and Social Exclusion: A European framework for social and territorial cohesion" COM (2010) 758. The EQUI HEALTH project also supports the development of a harmonized EU approach for access to and appropriate provision of healthcare for migrants and ethnic minorities.


These goals  have been obtained by systematizing the available information on national legal and policy frameworks, as well as developing a thematic study on cost analysis of non-healthcare provision to migrants and ethnic minorities in support of consensus guidelines on access to healthcare services for those in undocumented situation, with the final aim of fostering a harmonized EU approach to access to and provision of healthcare, especially for irregular migrants and other vulnerable ethnic minorities. To promote synergies and promote engagement, the EQUI HEALTH project has a build-in mechansim for continued collaboration and coordination on a regional and national level with International Organizations, EU agencies, national authorities and academia. The project extended the dialogue to include interlocutors from associated fields in order to provide a more comprehensive, integrated approach to achieving better health for all.

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