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In the framework of Equi-Health project, sub-action Training on Migration Health, IOM MHD Regional Office Brussels in collaboration with the department of Sociology of the National School of Public Health, Greece, have organized more than 10 Training session on migration and health for health professionals (HPs) and law enforcement officers (LEOs) in Greece.

The training sessions, carried out between September 2015 and June 2016, took place in Athens, Thessaloniki, Chios, Kos, Lesvos, Samos and Leros. With the participation of health professionals, coast guards, representatives from the Hellenic Army in charge of hot sports, members of local and national organizations, and academia, the session successfully trained more than 350 professionals in different key locations under particular migratory pressure.

The aim of the training sessions was to present a training package to increase Health Professionals’ (HPs) and Law Enforcement Officers’ (LEOs) understanding of the health-related border policies and procedures, the health challenges faced by migrant populations, and the importance of appropriate and timely referrals to health authorities.

More information available in the reports:

Report on training sessions carried out in Greece

ToT Athens (September 2015)

Additionally, prior to the training activities organized in 2016, IOM MHD Regional Office Brussels in collaboration witht the National School of Public Health, Greece, organized a meeting in Athens in order to present the translated and adapted to the Greek of the training materials on Migration Health for Health Professionals and Law Enforcement Officers. The materials were presented to the stakeholders involved in the provision of health services at the First Reception. More information available in the report.

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